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Tyrone Bigums

Reason For U.S 1 Death

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I noticed today you converted the server to 64 player cap . U.S 1 use to be a full server almost constantly and brings on a different group of people who prefer vehicles and tanks over infantry combat.  Ever since you guys made EU 2x experience  (witch is technically 4X exp  when you include endgame bonus)  the server has been dead people would rather take advantage of more experience, We thought this 2x event would only be for about a week but it is still going for what seems like almost 2 months .  Most people who preferred the tank vehicle fighting have since moved to other servers such as codefore. I feel this is the reason of loss of players overall and loss of activity on U.S 1. 

I suggest removing 2x experience, or maybe adding a 2x 3x 4x cash and experience bonus to U.S 1 and could promote the server back to life . 

YO BOI -Tyrone-

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