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banned for saying niggers

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I got a 1 month ban for saying niggers once?!? The fuck??? It's just a fucking word! Holy shit! What is this mob lynch mentality on anyone that says niggers. A little hypocritical no?? The guy was being a nigger. He was camping inside of our safe zone, shooting down helicopters as they were leaving spawn. If that isn't a nigger tactic, then I don't know what is. It has nothing to to with the pigment of his skin. I couldn't give a fucking shit if he was a spic or a jew. One of your mods/admins is fucking retarded if he thinks he can ban me. Listen what is going to happen. You will unban me within 30 minutes, or I will begin launching darknet DDoS attacks on your hostile takeover servers. the fantastic thing is, darknet DDoS services only cost 3 bucks per hour! To me, that sounds like its really worth it, to stick it to a bunch of assholes.


But youre not assholes yet. So hurry up kiddos :)

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