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Tyrone Bigums

purchase/donation idea VIP

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Hello, Ive been playing on The Hostile takeover King of the hill server for many years ! I was not able to find my old account But I am about to purchase VIP benefits as I play daily.  I believe there should be more Vip options available for instance currently 5$ for VIP.  But id be willing to pay more $$$ monthly for more options such colors skins things to standout from each other. That being said Id even be willing to pay 30-50$ a month for some type of admin ability or control.  I find there is a lot of hackers on lately and the server dies before an admin is able to take care of the issue .  Of course rules can be very strict for these paid admins  any type of abuse can have your admin stripped with no refund  ( don't get the power to there head ) . 


Side note : The server resets every 3 rounds and almost always kills  the server maybe some kind of notice to tell people to rejoin the server in 60 seconds ?  The longer the server is full the more people that want VIP!   I think you guys are missing out on some real $$$ here ! haha 

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