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4 Hours Ban For No Reason

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I was on OPFOR for a game on KoTH US #1, at the end of the game everyone started spamming there mics, at this point a took off my headphones so I didn't have to hear all the random yelling, then suddenly I get a 4 hour ban for voice chat spam yet I didn't even use my mic at all at the end of the round, I hope someone from the staff will notice this and fix it.


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Posted (edited)

I did not put this in the Discord server because it became phone verified only and well my phone is broken which makes that impossible.

Also my IGN on Arma 3 is minmax

Edited by Zippy

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Dude, HT doesn't care..

They are collecting the donations dumb people has made, that's all.

Everyone who doesnt play like they want will be banned and constructive
talks about it are impossible.

HT is pretty much done...

Nobody cares any shit anymore, the servers are dead, the mission is full of bugs and issues and the whole community population goes more down every day

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