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Well first i want to say that i was banned for exploiting the resell vehicle feature during the 5x exp and money. I am extremely sorry and i sincerely apologize for being an asshat. I am fairly new to arma 3 in general but i know that this community and server are the best that arma has to offer for my favorite game mode KOTH and i especially know this now after being banned last night and playing on  horrible servers. I even became a VIP MEMBER so that i could have a reserved slot. I spoke to Lucio a senior admin who was kind enough to reduce it to 3 days from the original 7 after i willingly came to the teamspeak and spilled all my beans and apologized to him verbally. I explained to him i am not very familiar with arma 3 but rules are rules and I and completly sorry. I know i made an ass of myself but i would really like to join back into the fun and action! I am willing to take a reset or whatever else it takes to be let back in before the 5x exp is over. I PROMISE the entire hostiletakeover team that i will not EVER use ANY exploits on ANY server. Please i will literally get down on my hands and knees and beg. i just wanted to get back where i was before the reset and it was extremely stupid of me. Please take my words seriously im not just another fulltime asshole on the interenet, i am being as sincere as i possibly can, sure i can move on to a different server but i really am sorry and not just in the " im sorry please unban me" kind of way but i legitimately feel so stupid and anxious for being so dumb. This is not who i am as a person and i really want to turn things around.

i will not be upset if i have to still wait the 3 days i just wanted to atleast try and show that i am not llike the other cheaters and am willing to confess and take the consequences, thank you for reading and listening.  i am also sorry for my broken english. and big thank you to lucio for understanding somewhat and removing 3 days off of my original ban. thank you

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well i got too ban but for shot from safe zone can i speak with lucio or get unban give me last chance pls :(

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