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I've spent a little bit of my time, to create an account, and specifically post about some issues as they are very alarming from a business practice,

Sigh, so in the past 5 hours today, several issues arises from VIP not working because, even though people paid for it, they still have to PM someone and associate the account to the paypal purchase, like what, I can code a better system then that...  Also, it still looks like within that time frame, that 3-5 users who have issues with level resets. This only shows a small sample of what happens within a 24h period, and will continue to grow at that.

I apologize to all the admins as it's not their decision to go about this, but to enforce what the changes were, but hell, you guys need to talk to your devs and owner and ask them if the server is planning to go under and just dissolve. Because a lot I've seen have been just going to the other KOTH servers...

Things that should be known are huge issues in relation to other servers:
1. VIP is expensive, so this only gives us access to 1 popular server, even though we are forced to communicate to an admin to get this activated? I will let you know, other servers will automatically pull the GUID from steam when you log in, (on their site). After that happens, a system gets notified and blamo, you have VIP.
1.1. 6 month recurring is also more expensive then other KOTH servers that give $55 for all servers permanently. Like pricing structure vs competitors, seems a bit off?

2. We no longer have security, based on a month ago, for this server, (Hostiletakeover) where we have to backup our own user data. Issues with this stem to the website. (https://hostiletakeover.co/) There is nothing on this site stating that Discord is going the be the primary source of updates, even though, there is a forums section regarding updates and announcements, so the only real way someone will probably join the discord, is based off an issue, an by then, it'll be to late.

3. Now when it comes to a website, apparently, this is new according to April 20th, they integrated forums and shop, but the VIP shop doesn't work, what VIP shop?
3.1 They don't even have their servers listed on their site...
3.2 They have a static layout for ViLayer that graphics can be placed.
3.3 Website doesn't look maintained since it was created (April 20th)

@Mac Flawless#8287 I really liked this server, I specifically downloaded Arma 3 to come back and play here, I got a new rig and was loving the performance, but so much has changed it feels like. I really hope that changes are made soon, or I can could see the population to reduce quickly, and individuals who come back, won't stay long when they realize the issues that we've experienced, (Level resets).

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