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Found 2 results

  1. I've probably missed out on 30k worth of cash and 40k worth of xp on Hostile Takeover US #2 in just the past day from missing bonuses. Every time I get a bonus and the next round begins my bonus is missing. It's a little bit infuriating to not receive them when I'm trying to get enough money together to get the third perk slot. Anyway to fix this?
  2. Hi so I was banned on May 26th 2018 because I was stupid and lag switched this one guy because he team killed me right before I was auto balanced. Now I have reached then end of my ban time and it still says the exact same timer as it did when I first got banned. I was told in teamspeak that this was not a permanent ban by a staff member when I first went to see why I was banned. I have waited my 56 days and I would like to be playing on the server again. I learned my lesson and so did the other guy. Please help me ASAP, I love this server and don't like not being able to play on it.

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