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Found 3 results

  1. i wanted to apologize for the racist slur that starts with n i used today. i was straight mad at this guy for not reviving me and i accidentally i let it get out. im sorry to everyone that felt offended / attacked. ~ Bodi
  2. Ban Appeal

    Your name: Edgar Allen Poo SteamID: 76561198186976628 Reason for ban: Exploiting Why you should be unbanned: I have no idea why I was banned, I play a lot on US#2 and am generally a very good team player. If someone could explain what I did that would be great
  3. he was shooting me so i was taking screen shots right here he shot me in the bottom one so i screen shotted it in the other ones he was shooting me and killed me on purpose he knew i wasnt a enemy tower 1 was clear that we were in and he chased me around killing me all game plz ban.. see how my money stays the same in both screen shots its cuz it happend 10 seconds apart they both have the objective offensive 100x 100$ so its not like we were there for a long time

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