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  1. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    3.1k !! Steam Screenshot of 3.1k kill
  2. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Why are those pictures so small when I click to enlarge?
  3. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Two more over 2500 meters close to 2600
  4. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Thanks much Mac Flawless I don't usually care to ..."brag"even though thats not the right word for this. Someone wanted proof so I offered it. Anyone else got any decent screenshots?
  5. Well, a fella said I wasn't getting 2400m+ headshots, here's one, notice the clips remaining as well. Will post the 2500-2600 meter headshots next that I take(since v9.6 doesn't automatically save players longest headshots unlike how v10 does)

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