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    Dear Hostile Takeover Members, I have been working very hard to get Hostile Takeover back to were it was. The new website is one example of what needed to be changed. Currently working on a Nato version which is currently in development by me. An end date isn't in sight yet , i'd reckon 3 more weeks for it to be tested and then another week for bug fixes. We should have a stable concept ready before the end of may. Current Changelog of V1 - HT KOTH New UI updated from the old version but no significant changes towards the layout. Nato Weapons Nato Vehicles Nato Armour Arma 2 - C130 Airdrops (Supplies) Bases - Same as current v9.6. Mission - Same as current v9.6. Sincerly, Mac Flawless , BobbyDigital & The Hostile Takeover Team. Note : Keeping this post updated


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