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  4. VIP Problems

    I don't know where exactly this goes, but anyways. I paid for my VIP slot on the 8th, and now I'm getting the message to reserve my slot, like I didn't pay for it. My in-game name reflects what my ArmA profile name is, is that the problem?
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  6. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Love it keep the content coming
  7. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    3.1k !! Steam Screenshot of 3.1k kill
  8. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    You can enlarge them if you inbed them.
  9. A Better KOTH

    Thanks for the amount of feedback! I like a couple of these idea's and will definity put them to use! Sincerly Mac Flawless
  10. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Why are those pictures so small when I click to enlarge?
  11. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Two more over 2500 meters close to 2600
  12. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    Thanks much Mac Flawless I don't usually care to ..."brag"even though thats not the right word for this. Someone wanted proof so I offered it. Anyone else got any decent screenshots?
  13. A Better KOTH

    I used to play on HT KotH servers religiously before taking a couple years break from ArmA all together. Im back now and see the server still plagued with problems and complaints I saw when I left. Here is a no bullshit, no holds barred, honest-to-god-fight-me-if-you-dont-like-it list of things that I think could boost up HT KotH (especially now that Sa-Matra has left the picture). A hard nerf to Tigris and Cheetah AA IFV's. This can be done in multiple ways - My favorite is the removal of thermal scopes on these vehicles specifically. Disabling Thermal Scope would make it harder for AA's to become armored shredders for a majority of the garage players have access to and make people rely more on the radar and locking graphics. Another suggestion would be to limit the cannon ammo on these vehicles so spamming infantry positions means having to spend precious AA missiles on ferrying choppers. I think this nerf alone would make a lot of players happy and would vastly increase the quality of life on the servers. Adding Tanks DLC vehicles and weapons. I understand you're in the midst of an version update for the mission and I'm 100% certain we'll see them when they're released, but the handsitting is real. It adds more ways to take out heavy armor which has always been a bit of cursed blessing for KotH servers. Revamping the money system to facilitate an inclusive experience rather than a grind. As it stands, Simple assault rifles and their attachments are far too expensive for new players to access. I was level 40+ when I quit playing and still own very few weapons permanently simply because it was not cost effective. KotH and ArmA 3 do not have a growing audience and trends shift within the community, KotH is no exception. Most of the complaints I see from people who tried KotH and left are "it takes to long to be able to get anything decent, so you're just getting run over by people who've played longer until you have enough money to finally get a decent gun." Lowering the prices of the Assault rifles and the first level specialist weapons (Rahim, MX SW, and the RPG-7) would allow people to make a larger impact out of the gate rather than spending 10+ full matches hiding and praying to be able to afford the gun they want with a useful sight. If at all possible - add in UAVs and the Recon Nyx. Surveillance is by far one of the most useful aspects of the game that is completely overlooked by the go-go-go nature of KotH. Much of the armor camping that goes on is simply because its hard to find the vehicles hidden 1.5k out. Adding UAVs offers not only direct counters to armor with ATGMs and LGBs, but also a indirect counter via surveillance and lasing. UAVs have limited munitions and, no AA capabilities and no countermeasures - they can be taken down via HMG, Titan AA or via choppers and jets. They're a missing piece to the puzzle of a balanced ArmA mission. New battlefields. Altis is a huge island and we have a grand total of three cities that we visit. Simply put a change of scenery would be excellent. Alternating between Towers and no towers would be nice as well.
  14. V9 Longest Headshot Screenshots

    very nice shot
  15. Well, a fella said I wasn't getting 2400m+ headshots, here's one, notice the clips remaining as well. Will post the 2500-2600 meter headshots next that I take(since v9.6 doesn't automatically save players longest headshots unlike how v10 does)
  16. Arma 3 Life Project

    Like the idea's thanks
  17. Arma 3 Life Project

    a online system that show your player statistic,licenses,inventory,vehicles,ect maybe a vehicle mod like mr.shounka car maybe non static farms and mining areas
  18. Dear Hostile Takeover Members, When we achieve our donation goal on the website we will randomly pick donators who made a donations within the month/goal. We raffle 3 winners of the total donations made by members. First Prize : $100 + 3 Month VIP Second Prize : $50 + 2 Months VIP Third Prize : $25 + 1 Month VIP Donations that are made trought our website gives you a raffle ticket. This event will continue every new month with a new goal. Sincerly, Mac Flawless , Bobbydigital & The Hostile Takeover Team.
  19. Hostile Takeover Arma 3 Rules – King of The Hill Teamspeak address is: 1. A player breaking rules is no excuse for you to break rules: If you find someone breaking the rules please contact an admin on the TS3 address is listed above, with an appropriate screenshot or supporting evidence if at all possible. 2. Do not argue with a admin in game: All punishments are at the discretion of the administrators, if you disagree with something you may come on TS3 and talk with them about it, or create a thread on the forums. 3. Do not abuse in-game communications: No VOIP in global. No excessive vulgar language, racism or Homophobic Slurs. No music, unnecessary noises, soundboard, or spam over global, or side channels (voice or text). No music in direct chat while at base period. Side chat is for in game related information between groups only, all other in game chat not related to game information should be done in group channels only. If you would like to make any reports please include a screenshot or an audio clip. 4. No cheating, hacking, or glitching/exploiting: Cheating of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Exploiting consists of using any game bugs for an unfair advantage. 5. No trolling: This rule is self-explanatory, but includes and is not limited to ramming vehicles at base, driving vehicles onto pavilion (spawn), ramming aerial or ground vehicles with other aerial vehicles (friendly or hostile), and the use of explosives and weapons at base. No hovering over spawn pavilion with helicopters blocking the laptop in order to pick up passengers. No stealing friendly assets ( ie. if you see a dead friendly revive him do not steal his stuff)(gewijzigd) 6. No team-killing: Team killing of any kind is not allowed! Using vehicles at base to friendly fire is a ban-able offense and will not be taken lightly. There is NO case which friendly fire is acceptable. 7. No entering vehicles without permission: You are not allowed to enter a purchased friendly vehicle without permission from that player. This can cause conflict among teammates and possibly lead to friendly fire. If you have an issue with this please report it on our forums or log on to our TS3 server. Address listed above. 8. Engagement rules: No infantry or ground vehicle can be closer than 500 meters from the edge of any hostile base (as read on the map). All armed choppers must move outside of the largest safe zone circle before rearming , otherwise it’s a pump & dump offence. You are not allowed to camp in or above your retracted safe zone circle. Due to a geographic advantage, nobody is allowed on ‘Magos’ hill. Jets may not under any circumstance land or taxi into the players safezone. Any behavior deemed to be offensive, abusive, or destructive to the server/players as determined by Admin discretion will be subject to kick, and or ban from said server(s). We will look into all cases and handle them appropriately. If you wish to appeal the punishment please visit our form page at our web site at Hostiletakeover.co, or contact us on our TeamSpeak @ ts.hostiletakeover.net If you wish to appeal a ban or have any questions please create a thread on the forums or log on to our TS3 server and search for an admin on duty in the Arma sections. The name will have a badge to right depicting admin status.(gewijzigd)
  20. Dear Hostile Takeover Members, Before i started working for bobby i whas working on a mission with some custom made mods. This would include zombie hordes , Loot shops , Kill counters , Kill Trackers , Experience Points and more. Current progress Object placement (Takistan) Custom UI Custom Weapons (Minigun, Law ZB and lots more) Leveling System Loot System & Shops Robbery System Trade Zones Let us know in the replies of what you wanna see in our Exile mod. Sincerly, Mac Flawless , BobbyDigital & The Hostile Takeover Team
  21. Dear Hostile Takeover Members, Me and bobby have been brainstorming for idea's. Setting up a Community Roleplay Server seems like a good idea to us. Let us know what you think about a Roleplay server! Show your idea's in the replies in this section. Sincerly Mac Flawless , BobbyDigital & The Hostile Takeover Team.
  22. Dear Hostile Takeover Members, I have been working very hard to get Hostile Takeover back to were it was. The new website is one example of what needed to be changed. Currently working on a Nato version which is currently in development by me. An end date isn't in sight yet , i'd reckon 3 more weeks for it to be tested and then another week for bug fixes. We should have a stable concept ready before the end of may. Current Changelog of V1 - HT KOTH New UI updated from the old version but no significant changes towards the layout. Nato Weapons Nato Vehicles Nato Armour Arma 2 - C130 Airdrops (Supplies) Bases - Same as current v9.6. Mission - Same as current v9.6. Sincerly, Mac Flawless , BobbyDigital & The Hostile Takeover Team. Note : Keeping this post updated
  23. Dear Hostile Takeover Members. Due to Lots of issues with our old website we made a new one. We intergrated forums and shops, basicly a platform for all your Hostile Takeover needs. Please bare in mind that the VIP shop doesn't work at the moment , this will be resolved within the upcoming week. Please take a look around, have fun and stay awesome! Sincerly Mac Flawless.
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