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  2. Is there any way to get an old account back using the same Steam account? I reformatted my SSD and now I'm back at level 1.
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  4. Player profile reset

    Having the same issue, Let me know if you find out anything. i was level 29 and i really dont want to be forced to restart.
  5. Last week
  6. I think that it would be cool if there was a special event where you make a big ass maze for everyone on the server and we all have to explore it and find the center and whoever gets there first gets a prize of some sort like $10 paypal or something. *hint hint*
  7. Your name: Kenzi SteamID: STEAM_0:1:222439661 Reason for ban: Team Kill Why you should be unbanned: So, I got into a heli with this guy, I was in the gunners seat and fired 54-56 shots. He said he will kill me for wasting his ammo. I asked him to land later, he landed, got out and started shooting at him. I then returned fire and killed him, told him not to do it again and revived him. Continuing on with the task
  8. ive recently switched OS and have lost my koth rank. ive tried to find work arounds but to no avail and was hoping an admin could help restore my rank. the account and profile are still the same its just all my progress has been lost
  9. Hi so I was banned on May 26th 2018 because I was stupid and lag switched this one guy because he team killed me right before I was auto balanced. Now I have reached then end of my ban time and it still says the exact same timer as it did when I first got banned. I was told in teamspeak that this was not a permanent ban by a staff member when I first went to see why I was banned. I have waited my 56 days and I would like to be playing on the server again. I learned my lesson and so did the other guy. Please help me ASAP, I love this server and don't like not being able to play on it.
  10. Me and this other guy got into it today. So what happen was me and this other guy were on the roof of tower 3. i circled back around and found that guy was down i tired to revive him but picked up his gun. i heard him say why u taking my gun but i didn't mean to pick it up so i put it back down cause i didn't want it and attempted to get him up. whild doign so i was tellign him i didnt mean to pick up his gun in direct and that i am tryign to help him up. seeing that he was taking fired still even tho he was down and that once he was revived he would just die again. so i threw a smoke and someone below revived him. he got downed again and the smoked bloomed enough for him to be covered so I revived him. after he said he was going report me for taking his gun. and i got mad cause i told him i wasn't and shoot him. I know this is against the rules and understand this is why i got the 12 hour ban. me and the dude had an exchange of words afterwards. but we soon were in a pm and i apologized and we cleared up why we were both heated and came to and understanding.
  11. Earlier
  12. Banned for no reason.

    sorry no can do kiddo
  13. I get banned BECAUSE the PLAYER "KK AdvanceLamb" DESTROY MY HELICOPTER =====>>>>> TEAMKILL IIIIIIIIII get BANNED because HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE destroy MMMMYYYYYYY HELICOPTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? I want him to be banned really fast and unban me.
  14. Lose Of Level

    hey samsthing i was level 22 now 1
  15. why banned ?

    why am i banned for no reason ? if you need space on your server you could ask !!! i got a ban for no reason !!
  16. Blackscreen

    Same thing happened to me when I used the A3Launcher. What I did to fix it was boot up the actual Arma without mods and you should be able to join the servers no problem.
  17. he was shooting me so i was taking screen shots right here he shot me in the bottom one so i screen shotted it in the other ones he was shooting me and killed me on purpose he knew i wasnt a enemy tower 1 was clear that we were in and he chased me around killing me all game plz ban.. see how my money stays the same in both screen shots its cuz it happend 10 seconds apart they both have the objective offensive 100x 100$ so its not like we were there for a long time
  18. I am currently having trouble logging onto Server #1. After clicking on it in the server list, the screen just stays dark. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Recent while play on the KOTH server, last night* to be more exact at around 12 or 11, the match was about to end, and the majority of BLUFOR was just at spawn popping shots off. I had done it for a while, until I went to go buy a Hummingbird to see if I could catch any kills before the enemy team won, they were at 99 when we started shooting as well, so the match was almost over. Some guy said, "It would be a shame if you all got banned from the server, you ones sitting at spawn shooting." I laughed, and so did another 2 or 3 guys, asking him why we'd get banned. He said it was against the rules, and then we all laughed, considering how close the match was to ending, then I said, "Honestly man, you sound like a bitch." Meaning he was a teachers pet for the admins. The server had restarted and when I tried to rejoin, I had gotten the ban message, which is now down to 10 hours. It was for Harassment by Lucio, for 1 day. Now, sure, I get a ban, because we were being cocks to him, but me saying he's a bitch at the end game screen gets me banned for a day? That's ridiculous, and I'd like to see it repealed before 12am when it is repealed.
  20. I was alive for about 40 minutes, and suddenly got banned when I was doing really well, I'm sure I never team killed, I was leading a group of the whole OPFOR team minus 7 people, if I did shoot anyone it was because it did not show a friendly square on them. I would like to see proof if I did friendly fire anyone as well, I'm only posting because I'm confident I did not shoot any friendlies. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065028179/screenshot/940573460252036344 Is the ban message, JayJay had ordered it. I don't mind waiting the timer at this point, but I was having a lot of fun and I was doing so well.
  21. 4 Hours Ban For No Reason

    Dude, HT doesn't care.. They are collecting the donations dumb people has made, that's all. Everyone who doesnt play like they want will be banned and constructive talks about it are impossible. HT is pretty much done... Nobody cares any shit anymore, the servers are dead, the mission is full of bugs and issues and the whole community population goes more down every day
  22. I just finished a game and got 13150 xp and $10440 but next game i lost it at the beginning. Image from ending of game https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1430593676 and image from next https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1430593745 Im reporting on this to help the server and show the problems and also i would like my rewards back please - Sirbl.
  23. Today i played arma for about 2 hours and ran over one person now i am banned.
  24. 4 Hours Ban For No Reason

    I did not put this in the Discord server because it became phone verified only and well my phone is broken which makes that impossible. Also my IGN on Arma 3 is minmax
  25. I was on OPFOR for a game on KoTH US #1, at the end of the game everyone started spamming there mics, at this point a took off my headphones so I didn't have to hear all the random yelling, then suddenly I get a 4 hour ban for voice chat spam yet I didn't even use my mic at all at the end of the round, I hope someone from the staff will notice this and fix it.
  26. HI! i been playing on the altis US#2 infantry server a LOT lately and was wondering where they went? they don't seem to be showing up on the server list anymore and i was just wondering what happened. i LOVE playing on that server so im hoping it's coming back
  27. Same here, Got some admin error pop up next thing im banned and so are other people
  28. I was mid match and people started getting banned left and right and I got banned for no reason like wtf
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